Underage Phone Sex – Younger/Older Sex Fantasies

Underage Phone Sex
Do you ever watch younger-older porn with older guys having sex with young-looking girls? I do, but then I love underage phone sex fantasies and even think about those whenever I’m alone just playing with myself.

I like to imagine myself as an underage lolita being used by a mature man like daddy, mommy’s boyfriend, teacher, or even strangers.

Sometimes I imagine myself as sweet and innocent and having them take advantage of my curiosity. All young girls are curious about sex!

Other times I can see myself as being the little cock tease who dresses slutty, showing off my little tits and teen ass, knowing they won’t be able to resist having underage sex with me. *giggle*

Some of my favorite age play roleplays involve daddy-daughter incest where I’m his special little fuck baby girl; or brother-sister incest where I catch my older brother masturbating; and family incest when mommy teaches me how to give a blow job to daddy.

Sometimes though I can be the girl next door who teases you; one of those naughty schoolgirls who jerk off the teacher for a better grade; or even young babysitter sex when I stay over. Any fantasy that means I get my little underage pussy played or fucked, is hot.

Call me for underage phone sex and we can make up our own hot scenario, or play out one of yours!


Young Pussy Phone Sex – I Have The Tightest Little Girl Pussy

Young Pussy Phone SexI have the tightest, sweetest little girl pussy. How do I know? Because daddy told me so! But you don’t have to take his word for it. You can find out yourself when you call me for young pussy phone sex. 😉

Daddy says he doesn’t even want to have sex with mommy anymore because fucking his little girl is so much better, and he loves me the best.

Of course, daddy didn’t always fuck me. I was too little for the longest time. He was content just spreading my legs and licking my young pussy slit. It would make my tummy tickle like crazy – but I liked it. *giggle*

And of course I got to play with his big daddy dick. He would pull it out of his pants and stroke it while we played, and sometimes he would let me wrap my little hands around it or even give it kisses!

Other times daddy would rub the head of his cock all over my very young pussy or slide it between the cheeks of my butt and against my little ass hole. I loved to watch it squirt all that sticky juice all over my face, tummy, or young bald pussy. I couldn’t wait until I was finally big enough for daddy to fuck!

Don’t you wish you had a little girl like me that you could enjoy daddy daughter sex with? What kinds of things would you enjoy doing? Do you think about fingering or licking some tiny young pussy, or are you more aroused at the thought of getting your cock inside some little hole and fucking young pussy until you blow your load?

If you want me to, I can pretend to be your little girl fuck when you call me for young pussy phone sex and we can play out those forbidden daddy daughter incest fantasies.  I love all daddies and have a young voice and no limits. Just call and see!


Teen Phone Sex – Sex Games With Daddy

Little Girl Phone SexSometimes I tell my teen phone sex callers about  a special sex game that daddy and I play when mommy’s not home. They often want to play too!

The way it’s played is I try to make daddy cum by telling him dirty teen sex stories while I play with his cock, and he tries not to cum.

Daddy’s always wants to play even though I always win!

I make up the wildest teen sex fantasies I can think of  to tell daddy while my little hand strokes up and down his shaft. But the ones he likes best are when I tell him about things I really did! I think daddy likes that I’m a little teen slut. *giggle*

Last time we played this game, I told daddy about the party I went to and about all the horny teens that were there. When I told him that some guys had dared me and my friend to rub our little teen tits together and kiss, he got really excited. When I told him how we had licked each others tight teen pussy later in bed that night, daddy came so hard!

We can play this game too when you call me – but don’t plan on winning. 😉 Taboo teen phone sex can be so hot!


Underage Incest Phone Sex

Underage Sex Phone SexAre you in the mood for some underage incest phone sex? Then I’m your baby girl!

Daddy took  a bunch of sex pictures of my little underage pussy so he could show them to some of his work buddies. He said he wanted them to see what a hot piece of ass his baby girl was!

Daddy says I’m the best underage little girl fuck because I’m always horny and willing for daddy to fuck me, and he just can’t keep up.

Daddy likes to 69 best when this little slut wraps her lips around his big throbbing dick for a wet, juicy blowjob while he licks my little bald pussy all up and down at the same time. But my favorite part is when daddy fucks his little girl by pumping inside my tight young cunt. I just love bouncing up and down on it!

Daddy keeps saying that he may bring some of his buddies to play with me since I just can’t get enough cock, but I can still be your baby girl fuck too if you call me for some underage incest phone sex!


Young Girls Phone Sex

Young Phone SexMy Mom told me that I have to watch out because some men like fucking young girls. My young girl phone sex callers sure do!

But the guy next door is always watching me and it kinda turns me on.  I leave the blinds up so he can see.  He watches me through his den patio door as I prance around and strike poses for him, wearing  just my panties and flashing him my teen tits.

Sometimes he even calls me on my bedroom phone and to have teen phone sex!  I know he’s jerking his cock and getting off to my young teen voice. I love his fantasies about very young hot girls and how much his likes to talk dirty while listening to young girls masturbating. We could do that too – just call me for young girls phone sex!


Spanking Phone Sex

Spanking Phone SexI love spanking phone sex calls. It all started when my daddy used to spank me.

Daddy said I had been a  bad little girl and I had to be punished.

He slid my little preteen panties down to my ankles, raised my skirt to expose my bare round ass, then pulled me across his lap for an over the knee spanking.

Then daddy gave me a really hard spanking with his bare hand. I squirmed around on his lap, crying and begging daddy to stop, telling him it hurt!

But the more cried and squirmed as he gave me a hard hand spanking, the harder daddy’s big thingy was getting and pressing against my tummy .

I think daddy felt bad about hurting his little girl, because afterward, he laid me face-down on my bed with my face buried in the pillows saying he was going to kiss my little red teen ass and make it feel all better.

First I felt daddy’s mouth kissing and licking my little hot ass and then my little teen pussy. Then I felt daddy put his big thingy right between my tight ass checks and slide it back and forth!

It wasn’t for very long before daddy filled my little butt crack with nice, warm cream. Then daddy told me I could get up and put back on my panties and go do my homework.

I can’t wait until I get in trouble again so daddy will give me a bare bottom spanking and play with my young ass, Or call me for spanking phone sex, and you can spank my little ass!


Young Teen Phone Sex – Teen Whore

Lolita Phone SexWhat is it that you enjoy the most about young teen phone sex?

Daddy made me his little teen whore and enjoys whoring  me out to men he brings home from the bar, while he watches.  He doesn’t do it for the money, though. He gets off to his little girl being used, especially by guys who have really big cocks, or like it rough with a little teen fuck.

He sits in a chair in the corner of my bedroom and masturbates watching them spank my little round ass; pulling my long blond hair or pigtails when they face fuck my sweet little mouth; or pounding my tight young pussy.

All the while, daddy is jerking off and telling them what to do to me ….what a little fuck slut I am….to fuck me hard, I deserve it….to give me a cum facial, shooting their hot wads of cum all over my pretty little face…or even to fuck my ass!

What he doesn’t know is that how much I really love being a teen whore. I can be your preteen fuck too when you call me for young  teen phone sex.


Babysitter Phone Sex

Babysitter Phone SexWhat a naughty phone sex babysitter I have been! I got caught masturbating the last time I babysat and the baby’s daddy came home early. *giggle*

I pretended I didn’t see him, and just let him watch while I rubbed my tiny titties and young teen pussy. Just knowing he was watching made it so much more exciting and really made my pussy squirt.

Kinda like with I do babysitter phone sex. I love the thought of guys jerking off for me while we do underage sex role-plays. With my little girl voice and dirty imagination, I’m the perfect little girl sex fantasy!


Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

Blackmail Daddy Phone SexSometimes callers like to email me their fantasy before they call – just to make sure that I’m willing to play along. Since I’m an anything goes girl, I don’t have any restrictions and will gladly play out your naughty fantasies. This is a portion of one blackmail daddy phone sex roleplay I received a few days ago.

I want you to blackmail Daddy! You’re my super hot little 13 year old who wants to fuck her daddy in the worst way! Now that you found all those movies on Daddy’s computer of all those daddies fucking and sucking and reaming out their little girls hot little pink shitholes -not to mention the daddies who are sucking off their little sons dicks and licking their little balls and their pink little shitholes – now you have me!. So you’re gonna tell Mommy EVERYTHING unless I do exactly as you say.

You’re VERY giggly of course, and you love calling me all kinds of names! And Mommy is gonna be out of town ALL WEEKEND – So you come home from school so excited and your little pink pussy is all soaking wet that you can barely contain yourself! So you come home form school and you lay it all out for me. We are going to fuck all weekend long, or else!

There was more to the fantasy, but I’ll save that for another time. Like when you call me to play out your own blackmail daddy phone sex fantasy. 😉


Young Teen Phone Sex

Little Teen Phone SexYoung teen phone sex is so much fun for me and the best job ever!

Daddy knows how much this little teen girl loves modeling for him, showing off my young teen body. I want to look just like those girls you see  in teen porn, showing off their perky tits and young pussy.  And daddy is my favorite audience!

He buys sexy lingerie for mommy, even though she never wears it. He only buys it because he knows how I enjoy playing dress up in mommy’s sexy panties and lacy things, and give him a sexy strip tease.

Daddy gets so hard seeing me posed half naked, with my teen tits bare and I bet you would too! Call me for young teen phone sex, and let me see how hard you get for me. 😉