Teen Sex Stories

little girl sex phone sexSometimes daddy and I play a special sex game that we made up to play when mommy’s not home. The way it’s played is I try to make daddy cum by telling him dirty sex stories while I play with his cock, and he tries not to cum. Daddy’s always wants to play even though I always win!

I make up the wildest teen sex stories I can think of  to tell daddy while my little hand strokes up and down his shaft. But the ones he likes best are when I tell him about things I really did! I think daddy likes that I’m a little teen slut. *giggle*

Last time we played this game, I told daddy about the party I went to and about all the horny teens that were there. When I told him that some guys had dared me and my friend to rub our little teen tits together and kiss, he got really excited. But when I told him how we had licked each others tight teen pussy later in bed that night, daddy came so hard!  He can never hold out whenever I talk about teen lesbian sex and pussy licking!

We can play this game too. Sex stories phone sex can be so hot!


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