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Spanking Phone Sex

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Daddy-Daughter Fantasy Roleplay

Sex Stories Phone Sex

I got this email from one of my callers and we played out his daddys girl fantasy today.
I love playing out your sex stories. Talk about hot teen sex!~


Living alone with my teenage daughter has be a struggle, but she is growing up, and blossoming into a young woman. While she is always properly dressed around the house, and when she goes out, I can’t help noticing when she is in our pool, that her hips have flared out, to accentuate her tiny waist, and that her legs are long and shapely. Sometimes when we are eating breakfast, I can’t help but notice through her T-shirt that her breasts are firm, and high. Her face has matured from child like into a stunning visage with blue eyes, red lips and shoulder length blond hair.

We get along well, and frequently enjoy evenings at home, watching a movie, or just reading together. The only things that really bother me are that she doesn’t help much around the house, and that her room is an absolute mess. In fact, the room that once seemed large and luxurious, with a big bed, gorgeous lighting, and drapery, and a huge en suite bathroom, was now a constant irritant with clothes all over, and so much clutter that you can hardly walk into the room.

A few weeks ago, I asked her if she wanted to go out with me for my birthday, and she happily agreed. As it is a big one (50), I suggested that I would get her something appropriate for her to wear to the nice restaurant downtown that I planned on going to. She asked if, instead she could go out alone and pick it out, so it would be a surprise for me. I cautioned her that it had be be right for a father and daughter dinner, and she immediately understood what I meant.

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