Underage Phone Sex – Younger/Older Sex Fantasies

Underage Phone Sex
Do you ever watch younger-older porn with older guys having sex with young-looking girls? I do, but then I love underage phone sex fantasies and even think about those whenever I’m alone just playing with myself.

I like to imagine myself as an underage lolita being used by a mature man like daddy, mommy’s boyfriend, teacher, or even strangers.

Sometimes I imagine myself as sweet and innocent and having them take advantage of my curiosity. All young girls are curious about sex!

Other times I can see myself as being the little cock tease who dresses slutty, showing off my little tits and teen ass, knowing they won’t be able to resist having underage sex with me. *giggle*

Some of my favorite age play roleplays involve daddy-daughter incest where I’m his special little fuck baby girl; or brother-sister incest where I catch my older brother masturbating; and family incest when mommy teaches me how to give a blow job to daddy.

Sometimes though I can be the girl next door who teases you; one of those naughty schoolgirls who jerk off the teacher for a better grade; or even young babysitter sex when I stay over. Any fantasy that means I get my little underage pussy played or fucked, is hot.

Call me for underage phone sex and we can make up our own hot scenario, or play out one of yours!


Teen BlowJob Phone Sex – Happy Father’s Day!

Teen Blow Job Phone SexIt’s Father’s Day and mommy said I should do something special for daddy. I asked her what – but she said it was better if the idea was all my own.

Well, I know what I can do for daddy for Father’s Day. Something I know that he really, really likes. Daddy’s little girl can give daddy a big, sloppy wet blowjob! I bet that my teen blowjob phone sex  daddies might want one too!

The best part is that I really like sucking daddy’s cock. It’s big and fat, and it just throbs when I make it all hard. I call it my lollicock because it’s like a big sucker!

Daddy says I’m a good little cocksucker too and with enough practice, I could be better than mommy. I think my teen blowjobs are already better than mommy’s and that daddy just says that because he wants me to keep practicing. *giggle* He says she never wants to suck his cock anyway – but I do!

I love to lick and fondle daddy’s hairy balls while my little hand pumps up and down on his big daddy dick. Sometimes daddy fingers my little bald pussy while I my mouth sucks and tugs on his daddy dick.

Yep, I think that blowjob sex can be the perfect Father’s Day present any little girl can give her daddy. She might even get surprised with a blowjob facial which is a face splashed with hot cum!

If you call me for teen blow job phone sex, you’ll hear me sucking and gagging on your big cock and describing everything that I’m doing to it. I promise that a child blowjob can be hot and you’ll get the best blowjob ever from daddy’s little girl!