Little Girl Phone Sex

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Mommy went to visit grandma and said that me and daddy would be on our own all weekend, and that I would have to be daddys girl and take good care of daddy while she’s gone.

You let me go through her closet and lingerie to play dress-up, and try on anything I wanted; even her jewelry! You thought the hat looked funny, but that I looked pretty with mommy’s pearls around my neck; and even prettier when I got caught naked!

I like modeling for you, dancing around showing off my little tits and ass, while you lean back and watch. You said that I’m even prettier than those teen models and teens in lingerie that you showed me on the internet, and called me your pearl lolita. *giggle*

I hardly ever get you all to myself, and I love having daddy’s undivided attention. You even said I could sleep in your bed while mommy is gone.  Aren’t I a lucky little girl?

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