Daddy-Daughter Fantasy Roleplay

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I got this email from one of my callers and we played out his daddys girl fantasy today.
I love playing out your sex stories. Talk about hot teen sex!~


Living alone with my teenage daughter has be a struggle, but she is growing up, and blossoming into a young woman. While she is always properly dressed around the house, and when she goes out, I can’t help noticing when she is in our pool, that her hips have flared out, to accentuate her tiny waist, and that her legs are long and shapely. Sometimes when we are eating breakfast, I can’t help but notice through her T-shirt that her breasts are firm, and high. Her face has matured from child like into a stunning visage with blue eyes, red lips and shoulder length blond hair.

We get along well, and frequently enjoy evenings at home, watching a movie, or just reading together. The only things that really bother me are that she doesn’t help much around the house, and that her room is an absolute mess. In fact, the room that once seemed large and luxurious, with a big bed, gorgeous lighting, and drapery, and a huge en suite bathroom, was now a constant irritant with clothes all over, and so much clutter that you can hardly walk into the room.

A few weeks ago, I asked her if she wanted to go out with me for my birthday, and she happily agreed. As it is a big one (50), I suggested that I would get her something appropriate for her to wear to the nice restaurant downtown that I planned on going to. She asked if, instead she could go out alone and pick it out, so it would be a surprise for me. I cautioned her that it had be be right for a father and daughter dinner, and she immediately understood what I meant.

So today, as I was heading out for my birthday bike ride (50 miles with a nice cafe break for lunch half way) I reminded her that we had a 7:00 reservation. I got home much later than planned, due to some mechanical issues, and found that she was sitting in the kitchen waiting for me. “Oh Oh”, I thought, but she just wanted to make a suggestion. “Daddy”, she said, “Instead of going out, why can’t we stay home tonight? I have planned a nice meal for us, and we can have dinner, relax, and then open your present. Besides, if we go out, I can’t have a drink, and I was hoping you would let me have a glass or two again tonight. Just cause its a special day…….Please Daddy?” How could I say no! “Great!” she said, “Your present has a great big bow on it, but you have promise to feel it and try to guess what is inside before you open it, like you always do!”. I promised.

I told her I was going to take a nice long bath, to clean off the road grime, and she said no problem, dinner was an hour away, and she needed to clean up too, as she still wanted to wear her dress. I was relaxing in the deep sauna I have in my bathroom, when I heard a knock at the door. She asked if she could come in and give me my favorite evening drink. I covered up quickly and told her to come in. She came in, wearing her short silk bathrobe, and handed me my dry martini. As she leaned over to give it to me, the front fell open slightly, and I could see the start of the swell of her breasts, and at the hem, a little of her upper thigh. Just an accident I told myself, and thanked her as she quickly left. As she did, she told me she had laid out some clothes for me. Wow, that was a first. I didn’t think she even knew what clothes I had to wear.

As I relaxed, I heard her showering and getting cleaned up, and my thoughts flashed back to her in the bathrobe, and I started to harden. I suddenly straightened up. I should not be even thinking those things.

Finishing my drink, I cleaned up, and went out into my room. On the bed were a pair of linen drawstring pants, and my cashmere lightweight sweater. “Nice choices”, I thought, as I pulled them on, and slipped into my loafers and headed down the stairs.

My daughter came down not long after me, and pouring both of us a glass of wine, came out of the kitchen, to tell me that dinner was ready. My eyes must have given me away, as she asked if what she was wearing was OK? She stood there in a beautiful dress, high heels and her hair and makeup perfect. But the dress! Black satin from the high waist, just under her breasts, flowing down to the ground. From the waistline the black satin flared up past a deep neckline, spreading to broad almost off the shoulder straps. A scarlet ribbon ran across the waistline, and flowed around to the back. “Don’t you like it?” she asked, twirling so I could see the back. Deep cut down to the small of her back, with the ribbon continuing to flow up the edges of the straps, and then meeting in the middle in a big bow. I could feel a tightening in my crotch, and while turning away to hide it, I told her she looked absolutely beautiful. Pleased she rushed over to me and kissed me. For just a moment, hr body was against me, and I could feel her breasts against my chest. “Good Daddy, I was hoping you would approve” she said. “Sit down and I will get you your card, while I finish setting the table.”

She swung back into the room, and I could not take my eyes off her. My little girl was certainly growing up. She refreshed my glass and handed me my card, spun around and as she left the room, my eyes followed her nearly bare back, hardly believing my eyes. Or my thoughts! The card was typical daughter/father Hallmark, with a nice note. “Daddy, Happy Birthday! I hope this is the best Birthday ever. Your present is almost ready! Love and Kisses, Your little girl.”

“What do you mean by almost ready?” I asked her as we sat down. “I am just waiting till the right time Daddy” she replied. “Shall we eat?”

Dinner was a wonderful blur of food, and time with my little girl. We both had some wine, and each time she looked away, or down, my eyes strayed to see the swell of her breasts. I couldn’t get up to refill the wine glasses, because of the bulge in my pants, and when she did, I marveled at her profile. I needed to get a grip on things. Between courses, she told me that I didn’t have long to wait, and that she was almost ready to give me my birthday present. I couldn’t imagine what it would be, but I was enjoying the very guilty pleasure of looking at her as we celebrated my birthday together.

After dinner, took my hand, and told me that we needed to go upstairs. I followed her watching the sway of her hips as she went a step or two ahead of me. “Close your eyes”, she said, and lead me into her bedroom. “OK, open them.” I couldn’t believe it! She must have worked all day cleaning and tidying. “Wow”, I said, “This is fabulous.” Thinking this was my present, I said “It is more than I could have asked for, to see you grow up and take control of things”. “Daddy, don’t be silly. Cleaning my room isn’t your present! Your present IS almost ready though” she said, and moved over to the side dresser. She looked up into the mirror, and I could swear her eyes caught me trying to hide the bulge in my pants. With her back to me, I marvelled at the way her ass flowed up through the small of her back, and then up to her shoulders, hidden by the scarlet bow at the neck of her dress. She poured us both a shooter of tequila, and moved slowly back to me. “To my Daddy, the best Daddy in the world!” she said, “Happy Birthday!”. We both tipped the cool liquid back, and I felt the heat burn through me.

Taking my glass and putting it on the side table, she turned on some music. She moved in front of me, and put my hands on her hips, turned slowly around and with her back to me, and said in barely a low throaty whisper, “Daddy, I am ready to give you your present now.” she purred as she leaned back into me, “Remember you promised to use your hands to feel the present, before undoing the bow Daddy.”